Perfume bottle dress for xmas

Perfume bottle dress

Bottle dress for perfume xmas promotion

SKU: AS-10001

Product info


Style number:AS-10001

Dimensions: 9.5×12.5cm

Body material: Red plush

Trimming material: 1cm height White plush satin string for closure

Cute and warm design for your perfume promotion

We can produce the shape as per your products

Material, size, design can be custom request

Sample  Policy


We do not offer free samples, but will reimburse the buyer once an order is confirmed.

We can make sample as per client design, drawing and ideas.

Sample time: 5-7 days


MOQ and Delivery


Min order quantity: 1000pcs

Delivery time: 30 days after place order and confirm counter sample

OEM orders are welcome

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The average working time of 60 minutes the impact, the impact of non-working 24 hours.

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