ZIp bank bag with waterproof material

Vinyl bank bag with zipper

Simple vinyl Bank bag

SKU: AS-10189

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Style number: AS-10189

Vinyl material

11 x 6 inches Large enough to hold legal documents Durable

NO lining

Useful, simple bussiness / bank / office / tool bag

Can put your logo on it

Vinyl bank bags have a soft feel but are built to last.  Each vinyl bank bag is 11 x 6 inches and are large enough to hold folded legal documents, standard business envelopes, and of course, cash, coins, and checks.  The zipper closure allows for quick access.

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We do not offer free samples, but will reimburse the buyer once an order is confirmed.

We can make sample as per client design, drawing and ideas.

Sample time: 5-7 days


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Min order quantity: 1000pcs

Delivery time: 28 days after place order and confirm counter sample

OEM orders are welcome

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